Powershell – How to create local Administrators – Windows 7 – Server 2012 R2

University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy

If you have local access to a machine you have total control over it.  Here we create a new user and assign it to the local “Administrator” group – to gain local Admin rights.  Use “computer management” to view local users and groups.

Step 1 – Create a user in powershell

net user IT Skyisblue2015 /ADD

  • net user
  • user name to create (IT)
  • password to set (Skyisblue2015)
  • /ADD

We can view the new account using the command

net user IT

local view the new IT account

This defaults to the local “users” groups – and we want to be admin.

Administrators is a default local group – which you can view under “Computer Management”.

Here we see the Administrators group now contains our new “IT” user.. excellent!!  But how did I do that?

local administrator successfully added

Step 2 – Escalate to Admin

net localgroup Administrators IT /add

  • net localgroup
  • name of group (we want Administrators)
  • name of object or…

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