NMAP – How to Automate NMAP scans – The Visual Guide

University of South Wales: Information Security & Privacy

Here we automate NMAP scans to only scan production servers IP’s rather than an entire network.

Step 1 – Use Notepad to create a list of IP’s to scan

Notepad+ was used, enter in the IP’s to scan.  Avoid the use of hostnames – use IP’s.

Create a directory called nmap. c:nmap.

Create a file called scan_me.txt (use notepad or notepad+).  c:nmapscan_me.txt


Step 2 – Use Zenmap the Gui for NMAP

Enter the path to the scan_me.txt.

nmap -sP -iL c:nmapscan_me.txt

scanme zen gui

Step 3 – Scan Results

Note that only the IP’s within the scanme.txt file were scanned.   This is how you automate scanning.

scanme zen gui results

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